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Culver Web Design

Whether you are considering a first-time website for your business or organization, or find yourself wanting to replace a site that is no longer serving you well, Culver Web Design is your affordable choice.

My web projects are designed to current XHTML standards, assuring the best, most consistent performance in different web browsers. Your web will also employ a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), giving greater consistency to colors, fonts, and other styling elements while also making revisions more convenient.

You are welcome to be a partner in the development of your website. Your suggestions for colors, images and functionality are encouraged. You are encouraged to look at other sites in order to identify the “look and feel” you want for your site. Then with your colors, logos and any other content you provide, you will be able to watch your site as it is developed by logging into a password-protected preview area on this site.

Website Re-Design

It is not uncommon to find that your old website no longer has the appearance you desire for your current corporate identity. In such a case, a re-design of your site is a great way to re-establish your business as you currently see it. In most cases, re-designs can be accomplished fairly quickly when existing web content can be transferred into your new look.

The images that appear to the right are examples of recent re-designs entrusted to Culver Web Design. Click to see the images enlarged.


Re-Design Examples

Construction Management Specialists
Redesign of website by Culver Web Design

California Jail Programs Association
Redesign of website by Culver Web Design

Crime Victims Fund
Redesign of website by Culver Web Design

Border Patrol Supervisors’ Association
Redesign of website by Culver Web Design