Web Design

Culver Web Design is your affordable choice for developing a new website or for re-designing your existing site. Specializing in small businesses and organizations, you can expect Culver Web Design to provide helpful, personalized service. You will have the opportunity to provide your own design ideas and monitor the development process as it moves forward. If you don’t have a design in mind, we can provide a design idea for you.

You can take confidence in knowing that your site will be developed to current XHTML/CSS standards. This will provide you will a professional, consistent look while making updates more efficient. It will also provide good cross-browser compatibility so your visitors will get the maximum benefit while visiting your site.Read More »

Web Hosting

Every website needs to be “hosted” on a web server in order to be made available to the World Wide Web. There are a number of vendors providing dependable web hosting, and you are welcome to establish an account with any web host of your choice. I prefer to use GoDaddy hosting, and because of my business hosting, I am able to offer you unlimited hosting on GoDaddy’s servers at a cost slightly less than the “economy” plan you can secure on your own. Most clients have opted to host in this manner as it is the most convenient and best value for the site owner.Read More »


When you host your site with Culver Web Design, you may elect to establish e-mail accounts associated with your domain name (you@yourdomain.com). Unlike those often associated with economy hosting plans, your accounts will be unlimited in storage size.

You will be able to access your mail from anywhere in the world with a convenient web interface. You can also integrate your new email account with Microsoft Outlook and most smart-phones.
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Your Domain Name

Selection of one or more domain names is a critical early step in developing your site. Most businesses and organizations select domain names that reflect their corporate identity, like BobsTools.com.

That may make sense, but if you have a unique product or service, you may also want to register domain names reflecting those special factors, such as Left-Handed-Hammers.com. Search engines see your domain name as a high-level factor in returning search results, so if you can incorporate any key words or phrases into your domain name, you should see better performance with search engines.

If you intend to host your site with Culver Web Design, please allow us to register your domain names since once they are registered, they are difficult to move.